​All of the below services (and more) are offered by Tamara.  Please see the (Book Me) button at the bottom of each section, 

Energy Work Releases stagnant and redundant energies which are holding you back from allowing your authentic self to resonate your soul into your true life experience.


What is my life purpose? Why did this happen to me? Is my deceased relative okay? The combo of Tarot and Channeling helps create breakthrough moments around self forgiveness, self awareness and understanding the bigger picture of it all.

As a Medium and Channel, Tamara connects with your Spirit Guides and departed loved ones to provide insight, support and encouragement. This modality can also offer an opportunity for closure with past relationships.

Belief Reprogramming

Do you find you are repeating the same patterns in life over and over again? Create where you want to go, instead of habitually doing the same patterns over and over again. This modality can free you from the themes and patterns which contribute to discord. Through this intense and powerful clearing, you are liberated to move forward and re-align with your soul’s purpose.

Spiritual Responsibility & Spiritual Integrity

What is spiritual integrity? From a place of self acceptance, if you’re accepting of who you are, you’re more accepting of another’s journey. This results in your own inner peace, acceptance, deeper self love and compassion for the other.

Do you sometimes feel like people look at you as “an ego based hippy freak who thinks they are going to save the world”?

How do you respond to the feeling of “they are doing something wrong”? This course is not about “removing judgments’ but instead about expressing compassion for your own judgments about yourself and others. We will also discuss the ethics of energy work and holding the moral high ground for another’s journey. Learning to ask “How can I best support you?” and then offer your gifts to the situation, without being attached to a specific outcome. Then you’re really enlightened!

Usui Karuna Reiki Master

Responsible and can take power over their health. Learn you can have an impact on the world. What is energy and how do you work with it? Support and encourage your friends, family and loved ones. Expand your consciousness.

Reiki classes taught for Levels 1, 2, and 3 and Master/Teacher level.

Reiki Energy Therapy

Hands on energy healing. We will work with traditional symbols to raise the energy of your body, and allow you to connect with true spaces of relaxation and peace, allowing breakthroughs, ah-ha’s and insights.

Reiki sessions are offered in either half hour or hour long intervals to identify and clear energy blockages which otherwise manifest as illness, injury or dis-ease. Chakra balancing is included.

When you come off the table, you’re going to feel like you’ve had a really good nap. Relaxed, at peace, in the flow, aligned, connected.

Acupressure/Meridian Therapy

Acupressure and Meridian Therapy uses pressure points within the body to release blocked energy, which manifests as illness and injury on a physical level. This healing is very effective in promoting physical health and wellbeing.

Meditation Level 1 & 2

Learn to access your inner guidance for clarity, direction and personal growth. Meditation 1 and 2 promote focus, and quieting the mind to unlock your inner wisdom. Level 2 focuses on expanding your intuitive development and opens communication with Spirit Guides, Power Animals, and Angels.

Power of Positive Body Image

Embracing love of self deepens connections with others, enriching relationships. Claim the power of what your body should look like on your own terms! Defining sexy & healthy according to you; improving your self-esteem, self-respect, & self-love.