You want the power?

You are the Power!

When everyone else comes first, life will give you what you think you deserve.  This means being pushed around, walked on and bullied.  Now is the time to set healthy boundaries, obliterate stress, and live your life with confidence. Get out of your own way and blast into the life you’ve dreamed. Your life is meant for greater things than this.  

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Creating Confident People Who Live Their Dreams

Confidence Building

Making yourself a priority in your life.  That means living in a way that is grounded, centered and empowered.  Learning the skills to set and enforce healthy boundaries.

Let’s do this.

Limitations and Beliefs

When you’re stuck in life, not much moves. We’ll create habits of looking for the positive, using energy work and belief re-programing to get out of your own way.

Let your Inner Tigress roar.

Authentic Living

Together we remove the experiences of stress, lack, frustration, disconnected relationships.  This is where limiting behaviors dissolve and you actualize your dreams.

Present. Powerful. True.


Own Your Power, Claim Your Purpose!

You now live in integrity, Congratulations! The reward is many levels of self acceptance, self love and inner peace. You are enough and worthy.

Let your soul essence radiate.

About Tamara Ward

Tamara’s no nonsense approach to life is obvious to everyone she meets.  With over 18 years in corporate oil and gas, she has faced incredible bullying, resistance, and challenge in her workplace.  Feeling the discord between the corporate environment and the call of her soul, Tamara founded Tigress Empowerment Group.

Her approach also includes the experience from her corperate world, including conflict resolution, leadership, managment and personality profiles.   Honored by Crowd Wellness as one of  Calgary’s Top Psychics and Mediums, Tamara combines her gifts as an Intutive, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, and Spirtual Mentor.  She has created a powerfully transformative process designed to empower, enlighten and lead you to your greatest discovery – your truth. 

Tamara provides insight and support to motivate you to live the life you were meant to have!

If you’re ready to let go of manipulation, drama, and living small.  It’s time to claim your Tigress Power.
I urge you to apply for a complimentery “Inner Tigress Breakthrough” sessions with me right now.

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